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5sos should do some 18+ shows…As an older fan I would love to meet/see if there’s other older hopes that I’m not alone in liking a band that is youngerish than myself..

Completely outta the loop!

So can someone explain what happened with Jake? Like when I saw the NYD music video he wasn’t in it and I’m so lost as to what happened with him ._. 

Artist: Black Veil Brides

The wait is over…Finally some new BVB 

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pffft every person in this fuckin world has had their nudes exposed so Calums isn’t any different!

In the words of Michael…

Meeting my FAM: 5sos edition
1. Post two selfies (full body +face )
Don’t have any “full body ones

2. Your name: 


3. Nickname?


4. Where are you from?

Originally from California 

5. Where are you living right now?

Living in Virginia

6. Age?


7. Birthday?

March 5, 1992

8. Fav colour?

Black and Purple

9. Fav animal?

tied between Cats, Penguins and Pandas.

10. Fav place in the world?

my room

11. Top thing on your bucket list?

I don’t have a “bucket list” maybe I should start one though.

12. Dream job?

Anything dealing with Music tbh. many kids you want + pets?

oooh maybe 3 kids…as for pets I don’t know I already have a dog an a cat. 

14. Why that URL ?

I can’t recall where exactly I saw it, but it stuck with me ever since.

15 . What girl are you (luke , calum , Mikey , Ashton , C.A.L.M ) ?

I’m a C.A.L.M girl

16. Top 3 favourite songs by 5sos ?

Tomorrow Never Dies, The Only Reason and Good Girls

17. Why is ’ insert fave member’ Your favourite?

Tbh their all my favorite, but my ultimate favorite is Michael…To put it simply I feel as if Michael and I have a lot more in common than I do any of the other boys..

18. If You were to have a 1 minute to tell them anything what would it be?

I honestly have no clue what I’d say..

19. Favourite thing about yourself?

Probably my curves…Its the one thing I’m not so insecure about.

20. Fav accessories?

rings and rubber wristbands…If I’m not wearing either of them I feel naked.

21. When you’re sad where do you go?

I lock myself in my room and blast some music.

22. 3 current obsessions?

comic books, marvel, and sailor moon: crystal 

23. Personal goal (in bracket state the time period ) ?

To meet and “hang” with Ash Costello of New Years Day since she has been a big influence to me these past 2 years (hopefully in the next couple months)

24. Pet peeve?

too many to name.

25. Song that can easily make you cry?

Fly With Angels & You Don’t Remember both by Neo Leo Pilimehana

26. Fun fact about yourself? 

Can’t think of any right off the bat.

27. Your oldest memory?

I use to always say “fuck” when I was younger, but instead of actually saying it I’d go up to on of my parents an say “fu”

28. Fav quote? one of my favorites…

Words have no power to impress the mind without the exquisite horror of their reality. - Edgar Allan Poe

29. Women crush? Ash Costello and Amy Lee

30 . Song of the moment? (A.ka the song you can’t stop playing In your head)

Heavy Prey - Lacey Mosley 

31. Turn on?

Tattoos and piercings 

32. Turn offs?

poor hygiene, poor manners, very egotistical

33. Favourite food? I like food (aside from seafood) but my favorite is Spaghetti 

34. Fav book?

Guardians of the Galaxy comics (do those count?)  

35. Fav movie?

Lord of the Rings: trilogy 

36. Something exciting that’s happening soon?

Nothing I can think of.

37. Do you have a tumblr bestie?

I’m such a loner on here..

38. Childhood song?

All Star by Smash Mouth 

39. How tall are you?

5’1/5’2 :(

40. Instagram? Twitter?

Instagram: BrittanyLoveLess_

Twitter: BritanyLoveLess

41. Hobbies?

Video editing and Graphic Design

42. Describe yourself in 3 words?

shy, trusting, loyal 

43. One thing you’re bad at?


44. Your go to scent?

I don’t have one..

45. Are you a morning person, afternoon person or a night owl?

Definitely a night owl

46. Worst subject?


47. What’s your favourite colour on Mikey ?

oh gosh his Brown hair 

48. Do you have any siblings?

I have an older brother and sister

49. Do you have any pets?

1 dog and 1 cat

50. 5sos has ….( finish the sentence)

5sos has me smiling/laughing at their dorky yet adorable selves. 

So when you’re done be sure to add #meetmyfam that way we have a place to see everyone in one bundle.  Let’s try to get as much of the FAM to fill this in

Artist: Flyleaf

Upon hearing about Lacey’s departure I was completely sadden (on the verge of tears tbh) But hearing of Kristen I was very hesitate about this new “flyleaf” and when this song came about I HATED THEIR NEW SOUND and vowed to not ever listen to them again however I saw myself constantly coming back to this song only to realize after the 20th time hearing it…its actually quite good and maybe just maybe I can give Kristen a chance 😊