We Dare You Not To Fall in Love with '5 Seconds of Summer' After Watching This Interview

5 Seconds Of Summer on Entertainment Tonight.

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tbh I’m disappointed in those 5sos fans that don’t know the meaning of personal space…Like don’t get get me wrong I definitely get that whole "fangirl" phase and everything I went through it…I mean I still go through it BUT not to the extent that I’m seeing/hearing…As someone who would love to meet them one day the more and more I see/hear the things that’s happening I can see that light at the end of my tunnel of opportunity getting dimmer and dimmer 😕😥

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😨 This album asdfghjkl by far the best album purchase I made all year…Seriously! ❤❤❤❤
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Happy Happy Birthday Luke Hemmings (@luke_is_a_penguin) 😊 he’s legal now so 😜 ahaha jk #HappyBirthday #BirthdayBoy #legalboy #5SecondsOfSummer #5sos #5sosedit #LukeHemmings
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If you use all that I generously ask is if you DO NOT remove my credit. 
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5 Seconds of Summer Instagram Videos

So I reached over 600 subscribers on youtube and I’m sure that to most of you is nothing, but for someone as dull and boring as I am it means the absolute bestest thing that anyone would want to watch/subscribe to my channel so thank you all lots 😊 I love you all so much 💜 

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Can’t help it anymore…

I totally get how the majority are upset about 5sos having to cancel two shows in Dallas and St. Louis to perform at the VMA’s but do you all not get how big that is FOR ANY BAND TO GET THAT OPPORTUNITY?!?!  Yes it sucks that you won’t be seeing them BUT you do realize that they had said they would have more news soon doesn’t sound like a complete loss now does it? Plus I’m sure the boys were upset about having to cancel don’t think that they possibly weren’t because I’m sure they are.

P.S. Majority of you can’t really grasp the concept of what happens behind the music industry.

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#ManCrushMonday #HappyBirthday Ashton Irwin 😍😊👍 forgot to post this earlier 🙊😁 #5SecondsOfSummer #5sos #AshtonIrwin #birthdayboy #big20 #australianhotness
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