Finally able to do something I haven’t been able to do in years…Smile :) now I know it looks horrible bcus really I haven’t been able to smile like that in a loooong time really.
(I had really fucked up teeth) 
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This makes it look like I’m not wearing a top 😨 maybe I’m not 😜 jkjk BUT anywho I found my purple framed glasses I forgot I had 😊 #selfie #wingedeyeliner #makeup #girlswithglasses #ImwearingatopIswear #nottopless #fyi
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Got back from my sedation consultation for my 2 up coming oral surgeries…yayyy 😒😞👓 #ISeeStars #ISS #Shirt #blackandwhite #photofilter #girlswithglasses
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Debating whether or not I wanna go out in the snow ❄⛄ to walk my mommy’s dog 🐕 ghaaa I just want some warm weather dammit! 😒 #selfie #wingedeyeliner #bloodstainedlips #girlswithglasses #coldweather #Ihateit #tagsforlikes #instalike #curlyhairdontcare #needwarmweather #fucksnow
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lie to me and tell me I’m pretty.
even though in reality I’m not.
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Selfie with my love (aka my cat)
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Glasses #2 :) black frames!
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After 21 years I’ve fallen to the one thing I thought I’d never need…Glasses…and after so long I now realize how apparently blind I was -.- ahaha
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Even though I know I’m not at all attractive…
I did feel like I was for once today…
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Felt like a #motionlessinwhite shirt kinda day 😊🎧
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Back when I went to see Paramore live for the second time :)
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The only Escape The Fate shirt I own :P
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Fuckin Black Veil Brides! 
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